Welcome to the Big Anchor Project

Old anchors can be found all over the world, in every port or coastal town.

Rusting away in forgotten corners, set up on plinths as memorials and even decorating roundabouts and gardens.

Now thanks to the Big Anchor Project there is a simple way to record these heritage assets and an opportunity to learn more about their place in our maritime history.

Kids at Charlestown

Chatham Dockyard

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Project News

The  BIG Anchor Project is now on Facebook - ask to join the group at



New Funding from the Honor Frost Foundaton

In June 2014 the Big Anchor Project was awarded a grant from the Honor Frost Foundation to improve on the project website, design a mobile app for recording anchors and to run a number of training events around the world.

More information coming soon.

How to record your anchor

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Map Record your anchor find in as much detail as you wish to. You can use the forms for different types of anchors from the recording anchors page.
Map Upload your anchor record to the project database as well as see what other anchors have been found and recorded by project volunteers.
Map Use the anchor inventory to help research the type, the age and possibly the origin of your anchor.